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Finding Sustainability: Planning for Negative Cash Flow

Don’t be scared. The real estate business is built on negative cash flow. But what about Buffett’s first rule? Never lose money! In my last post, we talked about the difference between cash flow and profit. This post expands on that difference. In fact, to make a profit, you have to be able to manage…

The Importance of Lessons Learned

We like to share all the stages of our real estate projects, starting from searching for a property to work on and moving forward. As a reminder, the stages of a redevelopment project are: Acquire the property. Finalize the scope of work knowing there will be changes because of unexpected issues. Renovate the property. Market…

Finding Sustainability: Cash Flow and Profitability

Cash flow is one of the most important parts of your business. Many people equate cash flow to profitability, but they are really two different (if related) things. I’ll get to that after I refresh the definitions I’m working with. There are two types of cash flow: Positive cash flow Your business brings in more…

The History of the Rattlesnake House

The Rattlesnake Annex. This was a project house of Sue Ann’s that was going to house horse people, be a retreat center, or serve as a guest house once grandshildren arrived. This house means a lot to Sue Ann. It is not just some wood and nails. [From Sue Ann: This house was across from…